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The Spanish-Norman Archives: These articles have been selected by the registry to give our visitors more information about Spanish-Norman horses, the Andalusian, Hamid Hill Farm., Ltd and other areas we thought to be of interest. We hope you enjoy what we've chosen to share and we're pleased to be able to do so. 

We ask, however, that you obtain written permission from the registry before reproducing any material contained herein. Thank you!

  • News from the Spanish-Norman Registry.

  • Romántico H.H.F. competes at the USET Festival of Champions 2000 in Open Freestyle Reining!

  • Romántico H.H.F. competes at the AQHA Congress, October 1999.

  • Embajador XI: A tribute to a Classic Andalusian stallion.

  • Bettina Drummond pays tribute and says goodbye to the classic Andalusian stallion Embajador XI.

  • Spanish-Norman Horses in Europe: The exportation of the gelding Agincourt H.H.F. is an impressive tribute to the breed.

  • Breed Conservation: Genetic markers located in both the Andalusian and Percheron show oriental ancestry in both breeds.

  • Embajador XI: 1996 Breyer Horse Model: True to his name, Embajador XI has become a rightful ambassador of the Andalusian breed.

  • This Stallion Now Has a Modeling Career: More about Embajador XI and his relationship with his gifted trainer.

  • Bettina Drummond: A portrait of one of today's most outstanding riders of Spanish horses, giving insight on preserving the classical art.


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