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  • 03/30/2015 A tribute to Romantico H.H.F. Allan Hamid once said, “To watch a foal being born and pick him up in your arms is a joy; to raise a horse to compete at the USET Festival of Champions is an awesome accomplishment; to have your horse chosen to be immortalized in a Breyer porcelain model is a great honor; to have your horse inspire, support and comfort you during your most difficult time is priceless.“ CLICK HERE to read more.

  • 01/17/2015 Our new website will be online soon with lots of updates and features including a business directory for Spanish-Norman Foundation Sires. The directory will include not only the stallion's name and location but a link to owner's contact info, website and a small image.

    If you are a Foundation Sire owner and would like to take advantage of this new service, or update your contact info, be sure to Sign Up To Be Notified when the new site is live.

  • 01/17/2015 We are pleased to announce that the SNHR has again affiliated with the United States Dressage Federation as a participating registry in the All Breeds Award Program for the year 2015.

Spanish-Norman DVD!... Our educational and entertaining 10 minute DVD offers a comprehensive view of the Spanish-Norman horse, a genetic and historical re-creation of the medieval knight's charger. This DVD includes the history and characteristics of the breed which blends the genes of the Andalusian and Percheron. CLICK HERE for more info and to buy the DVD!

BREED PROFILE: A rare and exclusive breed, the Spanish-Norman Horse blends the genes of the Andalusian of Spain and the Percheron of France, to re-create the phenotype of the courageous horse that thundered across
the battlefields of Europe.

Andalusian Stallion: EMBAJADOR IX; © Original Oil Painting by Susan Dorazio

FOUNDATION SIRES:The registry takes great pride in presenting the Andalusian stallions from around the world who are nominated and registered as foundation sires of the Spanish-Norman breed.

GALLERY: A collection of images
featuring the magnificent Spanish-Norman Horse.


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