June 1, 2001
Volume 1, Number 2

Linda Osterman-Hamid with the imported Andalusian stallion Embajador IX


From the Editor...

After a very long, hard winter, spring has finally arrived with beautiful flowers and wonderful weather - so perfect for welcoming newborn foals and ushering in another  exciting show season.

Our warmest congratulations to Ben McKinnon of Lenoir City, Tennessee on the arrival of his Spanish-Norman colt, "Star of Orion,". Ben reported to my husband Allan that "mare and foal are doing splendidly." Allan and Ben share their enthusiasm for the Spanish-Norman in long, amusing phone conversations. A life-long horseman, Ben is a great story-teller and ardent supporter of the breed. We look forward to meeting him in person in Tennessee this August.

We were delighted to hear from Joanne Fiola of Rhode Island on the outstanding progress of her Spanish-Norman geldings, Guerrero and Vivaracho on the show circuit. Both horses inherited their talent for jumping from their sire, Hamid Hill Farm's senior Andalusian stallion, the late Embajador IX, imported from Spain. Guerrero recently won first place at a jumping show and competed very successfully with his trainer John Blair on May 1,2, and 3 at a big jumping show in Saratoga Springs, New York.  He also placed very well in several classes at a major jumping derby  in Halifax, Massachusetts. Congratulations Guerrero! 

Bill and Becky Sweeney of Half Moon Farm, New Vineyard, Maine sent me some nice photos of their Spanish-Norman sired by their bay Andalusian stallion Triunfo H.H.F. I was especially impressed with their yearling filly, Bella Lune H.M.F. and we look forward to adding her photo to our website gallery page soon.

It was a pleasure to speak on the phone recently with Kathleen Woehrmann of St. Charles, Missouri. She told me her husband's year-long quest for the perfect dressage horse resulted in the purchase of the Spanish-Norman gelding Koby Doblado, sired by the Andalusian Alipaz and out of the Percheron mare Oakstone Lacy. Koby Doblado was owned by Christina and Victor Johnson, D.V.M. We wish Daniel Woehrmann great success with Koby. 

Congratulations are also in order for breeders Ann Puthoff, of Fremont, Indiana, and Howard and Lynn Maxwell, of Boise, Idaho on the birth of foals. 

The Spanish-Norman was once again the subject for a feature article in a horse publication. In the May 2001 issue of Equine Journal, Helen Peppe profiled the breed, including photos and mention of several Spanish-Norman horses and owner. Click here to read a re-print of that article. 

Allan and I sincerely enjoy hearing from so many Spanish-Norman breeders, owners and fans. Please continue to keep us informed of your activities and interests. 


Linda Osterman-Hamid

"the warhorse of the ages as the sporthorse of today."

 2001 Spanish-Norman colt Star of Orion, owned by Ben McKinnon


Ben McKinnon of Lenoir City, Tennessee is the proud owner a Spanish-Norman colt, "Star of Orion," born April 20, 2001, sired by Elixir TG and out of the Percheron mare Dulcinea. Ben reports that this foal was 41" tall at birth and weighed approximately 125 lbs. 

After "Ryan" was born, Ben discovered that his (then)14 year old daughter Elizabeth had written a poem while anxiously awaiting his arrival. 


Poem by Elizabeth McKinnon

Spanish-Norman filly owned by Howard and Lynn Maxwell



Howard and Lynn Maxwell of the Black Mare Ranch, Boise, Idaho, are the proud owners of a Spanish-Norman filly, sired by the Andalusian stallion Galop, owned by Jean and Jose Campos from Campbell, Idaho, and out of their Percheron mare Lady Dove Laet.

Howard and Lynn own 80 acres of big hills, bordering on mountains, about 25 miles north of Boise Idaho, and  use their four Percheron horses to farm. They also have two Percheron draft mules.  One mule, May is out of the same mare as their newborn S-N filly and they were born on the same day, four years apart. 

2001 Spanish-Norman colt sired by Elixir TG and out of Spanish-Norman mare Mi Vida Isabeau

  Ann Puthoff of Serenity Acres Equestrian Center in Fremont, Indiana is thrilled with the Spanish-Norman colt sired by her Andalusian stallion Elixir TG and out of her Spanish-Norman mare Mi Vida Isabeau. This foal is so very personable and sweet, and has already stolen Ann's heart, as well as all the farm's visitors.

Ann also reports that her Spanish-Norman stallion Zingaro, was the star at a recent dressage clinic with Michael Kierkegaard. The other horses at the clinic were Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods, and Zingaro's presences elicited a lot of attention. The other participants asked a lot of questions about Spanish-Normans and thought Zingaro was "pretty cool". 

Ann says, "At one point during the clinic I commented that I thought Zingaro was going to have an awesome canter and Michael said, 'He already does have an awesome canter. You are going to have fantastic collection, extensions and flying changes. It will all be very easy for him.' ... I was very proud."

Spanish-Norman mare Mi Vida Isabeau and 2001 foal, sired by Elixir TG


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