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June 2004
Volume 4, Number 1


Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. President Allan H. Hamid and Registrar Spanish-Norman Foal AFORTUNADO GERMANIKO .F.Linda Osterman Hamid are pleased and honored to introduce the first Spanish-Norman colt to foal in Europe.

Congratulations to owners/breeders
Horst and Katharina Fehring
Boppard/Holzfeld, Germany! 


And a warm welcome to

Afortunado Germaniko .F.

foaled June 25, 2003, registered XCII 0301 
with the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. 


Afortunado Germaniko .F. was sired by the illustrious Andalusian stallion Orgulloso XL, imported into Germany from Spain. Katharina Fehring purchased the Pura Raza P.R.E. Andalusian Stallion ORGULLOSO XLEspañola stallion from the Carthusian horse breeding farm of Escobar Barrilaro of Seville. An acclaimed show horse, Orgulloso XL won the Bronze Medal at the 2001 Northern Germany P.R.E. Championship Show.

In May 2002 the German publication Cavallo spotlighted the Spanish-Norman breed in an article with color photos of the Spanish-Norman P.R.E. Andalusian Stallion ORGULLOSO XLstallion Romántico H.H.F. of Hamid Hill Farm, Ltd., Woodbury, Connecticut. The Fehrings read the magazine story and became fascinated by the historical and genetic re-creation of the medieval knight's horse. They were so impressed with the presence, power, performance and temperament of the breed that they decided they wanted to add Spanish-Normans to their collection of Warmblood, Friesian and Andalusian horses.

French Percheron Mare HELVA DE LAUVELIEREKatharina Fehring called the Spanish-Norman Registry co-founders to find out how to proceed. With enormous enthusiasm and dedication, she expressed the desire to establish a Spanish-Norman breeding program in Germany. To that end, Orgulloso XL was registered as a foundationFrench Percheron Mare IMAGE sire of the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. Next the Fehrings went to France to purchase a Percheron mare and located the beautiful Helva de Fauveliere, a champion mare from Normandy.  More recently, a black Percheron mare named Image from France was purchased to add to their breeding program.

The arrival of Afortunado Germaniko .F. has generated great interest in the Spanish-Norman. Articles have appeared in numerous publications in Germany, as well as one each in Poland and Switzerland. Previously, British and Spanish horse magazines featured the breed with the Spanish-Norman gelding, Agincourt H.H.F. exported from the U.S. to France and the stallion Soldado H.H.F. in southern Spain.
Spanish-Norman Foal AFORTUNADO GERMANIKO .F. @ one month of age.

The Fehrings established their breeding farm, 'Spanish-Norman Gestut Germanika' and have become ardent promoters of the breed, creating their own brand, logo and website. 

We consider the Fehrings excellent ambassadors of the Spanish-Norman and wish them tremendous success and enjoyment with the Spanish-Norman horses in Germany.



"the warhorse of the ages as the sporthorse of today."

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