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The Spanish-Norman horse must carry at least 50% Andalusian blood. At present there are Andalusian stallions located across the United States, in Canada, Germany, and England that have been registered as foundation sires of the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc.

Percheron mares selected for this breed must be registered with the Percheron Association of America or the Canadian Percheron Association. Producing mares cannot be participating in any type of Premarin program, nor can they be covered by more than one stallion during a breeding season.

Spanish-Norman horses are eligible for registration with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association as Half-Andalusians and are eligible to compete as such in shows sponsored by I.A.L.H.A.

For more information about the Spanish-Norman horse, the registration process, or if you would like to register your purebred Andalusian stallion as a foundation sire, you may contact us via  email, by phone, fax or conventional mail.

Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc.
Linda Osterman-Hamid, Registrar
P.O. Box 985
Woodbury, Connecticut 06798

Voice: (203) 266-4048  Fax: (203) 263-3306

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